The police have issued a public warning about a planned demonstration by the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA) scheduled for tomorrow 30th August, claiming that no request for a demonstration has been granted by the police.

Earlier this month, a coalition of civil society organizations released a public awareness campaign advocating for regime change protests and the police today has issued a press statement saying no protest has been approved calling the PCCA an illegal group.

The National Police spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justin claimed the organization did not guarantee that the protest would not turn violent.

“… the request was written in a very dangerous manner. The level of risk is really high because they are calling for nationwide demonstrations. We advise them [demonstrators] not to do so, if they want to exercise their right to free expression, they must work with us as organized forces to ensure that their demonstration is safe,” he continued.

“It’s time for us to sit down and straighten things out. You can’t call a demonstration for an undetermined number of people because we need to know the exact number of demonstrators,” Gen Daniel continued before concluding that the coalition had not been registered as a legal body and that it would be treated as such.

Representatives of the PCCA were not readily available for comment for press time.