Police have warned some Juba residents against mountain hiking in big numbers.
This comes after photos of hikers on Kujur Hill have been circulating on social media.

In the pictures shared on social media, some of the hikers take selfies and group photos at a close contact or even shoulder-to-shoulder.

The police say this is a clear violation of the health authorities’ directives of maintaining social distance and avoiding social gatherings.

Last month, President Salva Kiir banned all social gatherings, sports, religious, cultural, and political events to curb the spread of the virus in the country.

However, some members of the public appear to be too adamant to respect some of the directives.

Prominent personalities like ministers and other senior government officials have also been seen violating the presidential order.

Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin warns of arrest and detention of anyone who continues to neglect the safety measures.

“We got complaints from people residing next to Jebel Kujur that groups of children, elderly people were there so we went there, we confirmed there was a very large number of people,” Daniel Justin told Eye Radio on Tuesday.

“We talked to them about the precautionary measures in regard to coronavirus and some of them of course listened and they left but we forced the rest to leave the place. We arrested some and we brought them to our headquarters then we told them about the orders from the taskforce then we released them.”

Justin says after exercising, the hikers gather to drink water, which increases the risk of infecting each other with coronavirus.

Via Eye Radio