According to the statistics from the South Sudan police, many youths are involved in gang activities in major towns across the country.

Many of young gang members end up behind bars where they are locked up for years. The police want to change how they handle these criminals.

According to Police spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the government is working on plans to address the issue of youth gangs across.

The government intends to introduce reformatory measures that will transform young criminals who terrorize residents in different parts of the country.

“We will adopt a collective approach to work with families, social workers, education providers, and reformatory centers to transform the mindset of youth gangs from criminality into useful and productive members of the society,” Daniel said while speaking to media in Juba.

These gangs in Juba commonly referred to as “niggers” or “Toronto Boys” in South Sudan, are a group of bands comprising mainly of kids, most of whom had dropped out of schools and some homeless.