Members of South Sudan police forces are on a campaign in different markets in the capital Juba forcing traders to reduce prices of basic commodities, according to South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Ayii Duang.

This comes days after Duang urged traders to reduce prices of basic goods following skyrocketing that was triggered by unprecedented depreciation of local currency last week.

Speaking to Sudan Post this afternoon, Duang said he and senior members of the chambers of commerce were in the market this morning to tell traders to lower prices because the dollar prices that caused the hike in prices have been lowered.

“This morning I was in the market, and I was accompanied by several senior members of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce to tell the traders in Konyokonyo, Suk Libya, Custom, Suk Jebel and Suk Juba as well, to lower the prices of at least the basic commodities that must be accessible to the citizens,” Duang said.

“We told out traders that the prices went up last week because of dollar process, but they haven’t returned down since the dollar fallen to 380 pounds. So there is no logic to keep the prices up,” Duang added.

Duang further said they had been assisted by the police, saying the police have continued to stay in the market, monitoring violators’ directives from the Chambers of commerce.

“Police are in the market, and those who will not comply with the directives of the chamber will be asked by the security why he is exploiting the situation,”  he added.


Via Sudans Post