A Fifty-year-old man, Aliang Uguak, was on Saturday put in police custody in Wau for excavating the grave of his aunt and placed the skull up on the tree.

Ugak, whose children have been dying, went to the witchdoctor and was advised that his late aunt was responsible for the death, James Akuar Agau, Udici County Commissioner in Wau State told Radio Voice of Hope.

He warns citizens against going to witchcrafts to get wrong advices.

Akuar says such behaviors are unacceptable in the community and repeat of the same behaviours would be severely punished.

He adds that only court orders and health authorities can give one the right to excavate human remains.

He warns that both the excavator and the witchdoctor have to face justice.

The suspect is now in the custody at Suk Ajar police waiting investigation.

It is not clear whether this has been the practice in the area or is the first time.
Via Anisa FM