A committee in Shirkat-Gumbo residential area is holding a goat on suspicion attempting to execute an arm robbery. Vigilante citizen’s seized a black and white spotted goat saying it was an arm robber who has used black magic to transform himself into a beautiful goat to escape after trying to steal a car .

The robbers were seen armed with machetes , the group of vigilant men came to report that while they were on their way to a trading Centre around 12:30 pm they saw two thugs trying to break into a car. They persuaded them but none of them were apprehended. More over an eye witness who identified himself as Archangelo kisimiro , claims that one suspect escaped but the other turned into a Goat after an arm robbery . We cannot confirm the story but the goat is on our custody . ” said paul tong the officer in charge. Paul added that they cannot base their information on something mystical.

It is something that has to be proven scientifically that the human turned into a Goat. Said Paul

Beliefs of witchcraft are widespread in south Sudan , juba monitor visited the scene of the crime and saw the goat kneeling on its knee next to a pile of straws in the presence of the complaint Jino Albino the goat owner. Other eye witnesses say it is not true that one of the suspects turned into a goat but instead the suspect dressed up in a Goats hide.

However one of the suspects have been arrested and charged with theft under south Sudan 2008 penal code have been opened against him . The suspect is now under police custody while the goat has been returned to its rightful owner

via Juba Monitor