Police arrested over 40 ‘niggas’ in Juba

Police arrested over 40 ‘niggas’ in Juba

Police authorities said they arrested on Friday 42 suspected criminals believed to have been terrorizing people in two residential areas of the capital, Juba during the Easter holiday.

South Sudan police spokesperson, Daniel Justin while speaking to press on Sunday said that gangs, often referred to as ‘niggers’ fought each other, which prompted police officers to arrest them.

The gangs, Justin said, used knives and pangas to terrorize people.

“We have so far arrested 42 niggers on Friday, whereby 27 of them were arrested around Juba town and 15 others also arrested in the Gudele area for having fought each other and also attacking any children passing nearby,” he explained.

The police spokesperson said they had recorded six cases of people with minor injuries who were, however, discharged from the hospital.

He said the groups of gangs are being detained in police custody awaiting trials next week.

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