A woman has been arrested on Monday by police for stealing a one-month-old baby in Mingkaman, said authorities in Awerial County Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, the police Chief Inspector in Awerial County Lt. Col. John Bol Tiar said the suspect came from Bor IDPs camp in Mingkaman Yirol County.

“The one-month-old child was stolen from the mother when she was drunk and was sleeping,” said Lt. Col. Tiar

He said the suspect was apprehended by police security agencies after it received a report from the child’s mother that the woman has been away with the child for three days.

“The child was stolen on Saturday but our security forces managed to get the stolen child on Monday, now, we have arrested the suspect and she is being investigated,” he said.

He urges both communities in Mingkaman to remain calm and co-exist peacefully.

“We don’t want anybody to get involved in this matter. This is a criminal act committed by individual person, it does not concern anyone and it is being handled and investigated by the police authority since the suspect is found and is now in police custody with us here,” said Lt. Col. Tiar.

Via Juba Monitor