Police arrest over 50 teenage ‘niggers’ in Juba

Police arrest over 50 teenage ‘niggers’ in Juba

South Sudan police Service has arrested over 50 youth in Juba.

“The niggas were arrested yesterday during an operation at gumbo, the operations was intended to round up wrong elements in the community.police had been tipped off that people vending marijuana and other related drugs in some lodges gumbo which prompted police to carry out normal operation for security concerns.” Statement reads on official South Sudan police Service social media page.

According to human right activities in Juba the youth who were arrested were boys and girls ranging from 15-42 years boys and girls.

The arrest came after Inspector General of police Gen.majak Akec Malok paid a courtesy visit to Juba City Mayor Gen.Semir Khamis Suleiman in his office where they discussed issues concerning security and ‘niggas’ in Juba city.

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