A foreign journalist and her South Sudanese colleague were injured by angry youth who demonstrated against the American arms embargo in the capital Juba today morning.

The two journalists were covering the demonstration against the recent arms embargo imposed by the Trump administration against Juba.

The demonstration was organised by a group of South Sudanese youth. The army mob demonstrated outside the UN camp at Thonpyiny neighborhood near Juba airport to present a petition to the UN Mission in the country.

Eyewitnesses told media this morning that the peaceful demonstration turned violent outside the Thongpiny camp as the protesters threw stones.” Cars were damaged outside the compound. There were some youth outside the compound, demonstrating and started to beat up one foreigner at the main gate,” said one of the eyewitnesses.

Multiple sources also said a peaceful demonstration by SPLM youth against the American arms embargo at John Garang Mausoleum today has been stopped by national security officials.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for UNNMISS confirmed the demonstration in a statement to media. “At 9 am this morning, a large group of people reportedly gathered outside the John Garang Memorial in Juba and made their way to the United States Embassy to express their opposition to a recently announced arms embargo. The group then made its way to the United Nations base at Tomping. Petitions were handed by the group to the UN’s Head of Field office in Juba,” partly reads the statement.

“The demonstration was largely peaceful, however, a small group of those gathered outside threw stones at the main gate of the base. The crowd soon dispersed of its own accord and the situation is now calm. No action was taken by the UN against the group and no UN personnel were injured,” adds the statement.

Government officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

via Radio Tamazuj