As a leader, public figure or someone who aspires to be a politician, there are qualities that one must posses. Your public image being one of them. But in South Sudanese things are little bit different, you become a leader after you have waged war and killed as many innocent people as much as you can and then negotiate with the government and you are rewarded with a position.

This is the case of one weed smoking Mabior Garang who parties hard in Nairobi’s Westland area. He pops expensive champaigns like Remy Martini and Johny Walker Vodka which he proudly display on his social media pages which serve as his fan base. He goes on drinking sprees every night.

One would ask are these really qualities of a good leader? Is this what they say ‘leading by example’?

He has publicly shared images that leave you with a lot of questions about his character on social media. This are some 2017 pics of Mabior that will leave you saying, What The Fuck?