Popular South Sudanese musician, Silver is off the market after getting married in a secret wedding. 

Silver X secretly wedded his sweetheart of 3 years Susan Diiku aka ‘Mama Africa’ in Kampala, Uganda.

A close source to Silver told HIJ that only close friends, invited celebrities and relatives attended the wedding which was held Nilcan Resort Hotel in Kampala.

Fans have voiced their opinions on Silver X’s wedding. Many fans alleged that Silver X is marrying Susan for money.

Very little is known about the lady, who Silver has publicly been referring as “Mama Africa”. It is however alleged she is the one funding Silver X’s recent musician projects, after dumping Carolina who he made the hit song ‘Carolina’ about and bore him a son nick-named Golden X in 2013.

Silver X allegedly met ‘Mama Africa’ online and according to sources close to the musician, Mama Africa has been supporting Silver through his hard days in Kampala.

It’s alleged that in 2018 when Silver X bought a fully equipped music studio from radio presenter Daniel Danis, it Susan who funded the business venture. Susan returned from Australia just to settle with Silver in Kampala.

Many commenters on social media have always voiced their concerns that Silver is only with Susan for money