Documentary evidence of environmental contamination in Ruweng State, South Sudan has emerged on social days after the government denied that the area is suffering from oil pollution.

The pictures which show babies born with deformities, cows dying from unknown diseases and the environmental effects of oil spillage went viral on social media yesterday.

In August last year, some residents of Ruweng State, who live near the oil fields in the state, complained of environmental pollution as a result of oil production.

They reported outbreaks of unidentified diseases which they said were not there before oil production started in the area.

These include giving birth to deformed babies and miscarriages by pregnant women.

Last year, a right group released a report warning the government and the oil companies of the effect of heavy metals leaking into the ground.

Dangerous heavy metals used in oil production in Ruweng State have leaked into drinking water sources used by the state’s people with life-threatening health risks, a rights group said.

A senior member of Ruweng State, Santino warned that if nothing is done now then the people of Ruweng State will have to leave the place since the area will be unhabitable for human and livestock.

“No one will survive in this area in the next 20 years. The entire population will either emigrate or die if no measures are urgently taken. As it stands, the land is nearly valueless but for its oil deposits which will reportedly be exhausted in the next 5-10 years,” he posted on social media.