South Sudanese presidential aspirant, Paul Mator Manyok and his close associate, Rapper Hot-Dogg has a brief meeting with the United States of America president, Donald Trump yesterday at a Republican’s rally at Tennessee, USA.

Rapper hot Dogg took to social media announcing the brief meeting he and Mator had with President Trump.

“Five minutes meeting was great with the most powerful man on Earth President Donald Trump Yesterday at Johnson City, Tennessee.. We discuss ideas, Goals and visions about South Sudan,” he shared.

According to Hot-Dogg they had a good time with Trump who asked him about Manut Bol and the state of South Sudan political affairs.

“He (refering to Trump) asked me if I knew who Manute Bol was and when I said yes he replied his Son Bol Bol is better then his dad now” he added.

Rapper Hot-Dogg and Mator are poised to travel to Isreal next month to meet Isreal PM, Benjamin Netanyahu. Rapper who is an active member of People Liberal Party, a political party in South Sudan is in the USA promoting his Tuuk De Ming Album.