Peter Mayen Majongdit brother, Majong Majong, stands accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old schoolgirl expected to sit for her Certificate of Primary Education Examination this academic year.
According to credible witnesses, the young 14-year-old schoolgirl was kidnapped when she was sent to a neighborhood shop in Kuajok, a few days after her family turned down a marriage proposal by Mayen’s mother, Nyanwiirdit.
According to Gai Mading Atem, the uncle to the 14-year-old girl, the girl was brought to Juba through Wau and was put up at Peter Mayen’s house on arrangements that Mayen’s brother will marry the 14-year-old girl.
The local chief was instructed to facilitate between the families of Mayen and the girl’s family- a number of 100 plus cows was agreed, but things did not go as was agreed.