People Liberal Party (PLP) executive members have summoned its flag bearer Peter Mayen Majongdit to be questioned over the incident that happened at Dembesh Hotel few weeks ago.

The members accused Mayen of breaching the party’s ethics and intergrity.

“Mayen has breached the PLP party constitution and might face impeachment should the Party members agreed, ” senior member of PLP said.

Mayen who is PLP’s chairman, was arrested few weeks ago after Dembesh Hotel Management complained over Mayen behaviour in the hotel.

‘Mayen has been a concern to us, he misbehaves whenever he is drunk and he is bring different girls to his hotel room every night, ” an ananymous source at Dembesh Hotel told HIJ.

Majondit denied being evicted from Dembesh Hotel according to an interview he had with Juba Monitor.

“This is defamation from elements who want to get in power through shout cuts, ” Majongdit said.

“I built my own political career by myself and I made myself what I am today. I didn’t attached myself with anybody. Despite the defamation I will still remain, ” he added.

Mayen is the leader of the coalition of political parties in South Sudan.