Controversial Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen disrupted a meeting on Friday called by IGAD office in Juba, a senior member of Other Political Parties [OPP] disclosed.

According to People Liberal Party Deputy Chairperson, Deng Ayok Deng, IGAD had called a meeting for the six signatories to OPP to discuss the conflict within OPP with Peter Mayen.
“IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan, Ismail Wais had called for for a meeting to listen to the wrangle at OPP with Peter Mayen and see the way forward, but Mayen came with over 30 men he called members of OPP, and in real sense, they were just men from his village,” Ayok said.
Mayen, according to Ayok, started chaos and wanted to fight other 5 OPP signatories after IGAD’s Ismail told him that the 30 men he came with couldn’t attend the meet.

The meeting was postponed when Mayen and his 30 men couldn’t be controlled, forcing IGAD to leave the offices after they felt threatened.

“During the altercation at IGAD, Mayen and his 30 men threatened, Dr. Abraham Bungkuac Alic, the Interim Chairman of Umbrella and Secretary-General of People Liberal Party (PLP) and other OPP members and caused a scene at IGAD office, which led to IGAD staffs to go home and not feeling safe. Peter also added that he will be sending security personnel to handle these OPP members,” Ayok told Hot in Juba reporter.

Today at Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission [RJMEC], Mayen, who has been on the news recently for stabbing and assaulting his wife, allegedly threatened the interim Chairman of Umbrella, People’s Liberal Party, and other parties in OPP.
“On a second meeting with JMEC, Mayen threatened members of OPP, saying that he is still a minister and can do anything,” he furiously told OPP members who were at JMEC office.

OPP members have lodged a legal case against Peter Mayen.
“We have already started legal processes for “impersonation – false claims of leadership” against Peter Mayen and our lawyers will take up the issues from henceforth, against Peter Mayen Majongdit and any institution(s) or individuals that shall continue to conduct any PLP or Umbrella business with Peter Mayen Majongdit,” Ayok disclosed.

According to a number of OPP signatories to the South Sudan Peace Agreement, who spoke to Hot in Juba, Mayen has become rogue, and IGAD, R-JMEC can’t do anything to change him, and Umbrella of Political Parties questions why President Kiir still hasn’t fired Mayen.
“Our question as a party represented under Umbrella of Political Parties in the R-ARCSS is why is the President keeping Peter Mayen Majongdit in the OPP position?” Member of OPP questioned.

Weeks ago, PLP National Leadership Committee terminated Peter Mayen’s membership, the party he represents in the government.