South Sudanese musician in USA named Pepsy Jay is a man looking for love. For the past one week the singer has been publicly declaring his love for female celebrities on social media.

He first asked Mary Boyoi for a hand in marriage but when Mary never took him serious he moved on to the next singer, NEETAH BABY of Binia Wewe fame.

Pepsy posted Neetah’s picture with the caption “Whenever someone talks about love neetah i think about u angel ….thats y am taking my time to ask u this ‪#‎ca‬$houtcity. WILL YOU MARRY ME NEETAH BABY?”

Then later he recorded an emotional video of himself begging the sassy singer to marry him.

“Even though we have never met ——- can you be my Nicki? Neetah Baby will you marry me,” he is heard saying in the video.

What Pepsy don’t know is that Neetah Baby is “taken”. She is rumored to be dating a popular Juba columnist Mr. Sabuni.

Watch the video above.

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Pepsy video