A group of youth and civil society organizations has proposed a referendum to decide on the system of governance South Sudan should adopt.

The system of governance is one of the contentious issues at the peace talks in Addis Ababa.

The SPLM in Opposition wants federalism to be declared immediately as the system of governance.

But the government says studies should be made before adopting it.

The group handed over a petition to the speaker of the national parliament yesterday, demanding for a referendum and protesting against the UN resolution on sanctions.

Ajang Ajang is a representative of the youth who protested.

“majority of South Sudanese, if not all, knows what is good for them and therefore we would like and therefore should be allowed to decide for themselves what they want in a referendum, not through barrels of guns,” Mr Ajang told Eye Radio.

The international community, particularly the United States, is puhing for targeted sanctions on those who are believed to be obstructing the peace process.

However, Mr Ajang differs.

“Our government is hereby informed by the citizens to never negotiate the issues of two armies and the system of governance. Moreover, sanctions and threats of sanctions have never and will never work,” he objected.

“They encourage more war and bring no peace to a nation. We believe that genuine peace come through negotiations.”

The speaker of the National Legislative Assembly, Manasseh Rundial welcomed their petition.

He said imposing sanctions will not bring peace to the country.

“This sanction should not be imposed now. When it is imposed now, how will it help us as the citizens of South Sudan? He asked.

On its part, the SPLM in opposition has welcomed the sanctions, saying the Security Council resolution is aimed at ending the war.