A South Sudanese citizen based in America is suggesting a brand new way of greeting in South Sudan.

Simon Deng, who staged a 45 days -hunger strike for peace in South Sudan says the new way of greeting should be “Good morning I am for peace, good morning we are all for peace.”

Deng says this form of greeting, should spread across homes, communities, schools, and government institutions, in order to connect South Sudanese and break the chains of mistrust.

“Good morning, I am for peace, good morning we are all for peace, and this is what we have to pledge ourselves as a slogan every day in Southern Sudan. It starts from school, in government institutions, from the president when he walks into his office every morning say good morning, I for peace and we for peace, that has to be a promise that has to be a slogan as a new country with a new people, with a new spirit, it is not easy, so much happened among ourselves, there is too much mistrust, how can we break that, it is not going to be easy but I am very optimistic.”

Props: Radio Miraya