Malong alleged eldest son, Anei Malong Awan has penned down a not asking President Salva Kiir to brief the nation on the status of former SPLA chief of staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit
President of the Republic of South Sudan,
Juba, South Sudan.

Your excellency,

Sub: Brief the nation on the status of my father Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

I write this note to you not as an elder son of Gen. Paul Malong, but as a concern citizen of the Republic of South Sudan.

The purpose of this letter is to request that you, Mr. President clear the air on the status of my father. You need to tell the nation whether he is arrested or not. It is evidenced from the current environment that the former is a likely situation, but I will not assume that is the case until you publicly tell the nation my father is under arrest.

Why is it important that you clear the air?

Since my father was convinced by Governor Bor and other peace loving South Sudanese to return to Juba in May this year, there have been several letters written to you from our youth in the region and from Diaspora.

These correspondences drew your attention to the health issues my father is facing. They appealed to your compassion to allow him (my father) to seek medical treatment outside the country. The family, specifically Mama Lucy Ayak, added her voice to those calls, but to the best of our knowledge Mr. President, none of these calls has been responded to by your office either privately or publicly.

The reasons for your silence on these calls, one can surmise is the work of some people surrounding you in J1 who thrive in conflict and who abhor any step or initiative geared toward reconciling the people. Most of these people find their success in championing wedge issues, real or imagined.

Mr. President, our lowest point as the family came when this coterie successfully advised you to refuse to allow my father to go to Nairobi to help in the identification process of my sister Alakiir who died in the school dorm fire. The real reasons advanced for not permitting my father were unspecified until your Press Secretary, Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny explained them in that leak audio.

Interestingly, what this group is failing to see is the bigger picture. How would they think the public would believe in the amnesties you grand to those holding arms against the government when your actions towards my father, someone closer to you by all account say otherwise? Will Gen.Thomas Cirilo or Gen. Johnson Olony for example, find any trust from your actions against my father to believe in your amnesty?

Mr. President, it is sad that your office ignores concerns of law abiding citizens who have not shown any antagonism or confrontation in communicating their concerns. Given that none of the issues regarding my father’s health addressed to your office have been responded to, I am putting it on records that if your office continues to keep our family and nation in the dark regarding the status of my father, the state of South Sudan will stand accused of attempted murder on him. The refusal to allow him to seek medical attention abroad will be considered as a premeditated path to his elimination.


With the deepest respect,

Anei Malong Awan.