Leading South Sudanese dissident Pagan Amum on Friday unveiled a new party he said was aimed at achieving the SPLM party’s vision.

The former secretary general of the ruling SPLM party said the goal of his new opposition group was “to realise the historical party’s vision that has deviated from its course.”

Amum, who had relinquished his role as leader of the former political detainees in June, speaking from the Netherlands said that he and other like-minded colleagues have formed a new organisation called the Real SPLM.

“General Oyai Deng Ajak, Dr Cirino Hiteng and I were part of the meeting of the opposition groups that took place in The Hague in order to represent the Real SPLM,” Amum said.

“The Real SPLM is a new organisation we have formed in order to mobilise and reorganise the SPLM members who are committed to the SPLM vision as designed by the late founder Dr. John Garang de Mabior,” he added.

Mr Amum differed with President Salva Kiir over organisational matters before the conflict erupted in December 2013. The SPLM fractured into different groups after the devastating civil war.