As the public is aware that Padang Community Union (PCU) is the legal body that represents and unites Eight Padang Community Sub-Sections in Akoka, Abiemnom, Baliet, Maluth, Renk, Panrieng, Pigi and Abyei. The Union stands for Unity and Development of the Community as well as Peace and Stability within and with the neighbouring communities. The Union is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of South Sudan as one of the social unions aimed at promoting peace, harmony and stability in the nation.

We the Padang Community Leaders in different capacities under the auspices of Padang Community Union (PCU) have keenly followed the Revitalized Peace Process since the inception of Revitalization Forum. We sincerely applaud the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, led by our able President, H.E General Salva Kiir Mayardit and all opposition groups for prioritizing peace for the people of South Sudan. We sincerely cherished the continuous efforts of IGAD–Leadership and the International Community, most especially the TROIKA for the enormous resources directed towards lasting settlement of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

In following the Revitalization Forum discussions on the number of States and States Boundaries, Padang Community is very concern and wish to firmly stand in support of the thirty-two (32) established States in the Republic of South Sudan, because it is the public demand of the South Sudanese. We sincerely urge the Forum; the Government, the Oppositions and IGAD Mediators to be very cautious in making decision on these sticky and very sensitive matters without seeking popular consultation of all the People of South Sudan. It is wise, in our opinion, that the decision of the number of States be subjected to creditable Popular Referendum in order to avoid further conflicts.

Based on the above highlighted concerns, we the Padang Community Leaders:

  1. Strongly reject any proposal to reduce or alter of the current thirty-two (32) established States without full involvement of the grass-root people of South Sudan.
  2. Completely object any International interference in the internal states’ boundaries directly or indirectly.

We, therefore, call on the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) to objectively consider these concerns as part of the search for lasting peace and stability in our beloved Country.

Long Live the Republic of South Sudan
Long Live the Transitional Government of National Unity
Long Live the People of South Sudan
Long Live the Padang People


Dr. Ramadan Chan Liol
Padang Community Union