Eye Radio station in Juba was a hive of celebrities on Sunday afternoon as young talents from the country turned up for a goat-roasting party cum meeting.

Over 50 South Sudanese artists, Artist Managers, Promoters, Producers and comedians willingly met at one location for the first time in several years.

The meeting was organized by Eye Radio –courtesy of the station’s Top10 Music Countdown program -to discuss the upcoming second annual Eye Radio Music Awards.

All the participants were given a chance to speak their mind, and the conversation quickly turned into blame game; the artists were blaming award organizers for corruption, and condemning presenters for favoring particular artists over others.

Mary Boyoi, who spoke her mind, first asked Eye Radio to ensure there is value added to the awards –even if no monetary commitment is attached to it. She then plainly attacked the organizers of the 2012 SOSA Music Awards. She deplored the fact that one trophy/accolade was circulated among all winners.

Ms. Boyoi’s criticism were seemly directed at the attention of Triple X who was in the meeting as well. Triple X indirectly responded by lecturing the artists on the essence of awards, management, promotions and marketability. He didn’t seem to take the criticism negatively.

Rasta Jimmy, who is still upset with the recent D.VA Awards, could not hide his disappointed. He fired shots at the organizers of the D.VA awards for failing to pay him SSP 1, 500 which was allegedly promised to the 2nd runners up on the onset of the awards. This claim has been denied by the Dreams Media. Moro Lokombo, who was a consulting for the awards, has been heard saying, no such commitment was made to the latter.

Several artists who spoke such as Embra Tor, McLomuex, Singer Mic, and managers such as Stephen Lubang, Danny Boyd gave suggestions to Eye Radio on how the award could be made different and appreciated by all.

Eye Radio will partner with MTN to allow the public vote for the favorite nominees in a span of 3 months. The comedians will however be voted for live in Eye Radio entertainment programs.

Concerts will be organize throughout November to January for the nominees to sale their codes and campaign for votes.

All the nominees were derived from regular weekly appearances on the “Top10 Eye Radio Music Countdown” chart hosted by Daniel Danis.

The meeting was attended by both big names in the South Sudan music industry such as WJ, Coozos Clan, Case Blanco, among others, and by up and coming musicians such as Mirabella and Nyibol Grace, among others.

Radio presenters such as Moro Lokombo, Aaliyah Hassan and Achol Achek attended. Comedians; Dilly Dollas, VIP and Lotole were represented. Promoters Saimo and K2, and Producer Linus were also in the meeting.

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