Australian-based sportsman, Nelly Yoa has pledged to donate food, clothing, sleeping materials to children’s homes in Juba.

Nelly, in an interview with Hot in Juba reporter on Friday, said he was busy procuring sleeping materials, clothes that he will ship to Juba to be distributed as donations to over five hundred orphans at various children home in Juba this month.

According to Nelly, he has contacted a number of organizations in Australia with an aim of providing opportunities to children from poor backgrounds in Juba to meet their education and social welfare needs.

“We believe that with education and basic needs being provided the children can eventually fight their way out of poverty and improve their communities,” said Nelly.

He also hinted that he will donate food to the homeless South Sudanese living on the streets of Juba.

Nelly has already dispatched his team in Juba to identify homes that need support. He disclosed to HiJ that Stone International Church hosting over 200 children has been identified to be one of the beneficiaries of the donation

Nelly is a professional footballer, motivational Speaker, Afro-Australian Care’s Youth Ambassador, and a famous personality. On 13th June 2019, he made a grand entrance at the court with Rolls-Royce and with private security guards.

Nelly Yoa on a football pitch