Another mega corruption scandal has hit the Ministry of Finance after a letter was leaked showing that a huge sum of money will be wired to a foreign account for good and services not delivered.

The money will be transferred in a well-orchestrated syndicate through dubious payment of goods and services to a Sudanese business tycoon,  Ashraf Sidahmed Al Cardinal.

In July 2018 in a letter hereby attached, addressed to General Manager of Commercial Bank Internation, Finance Ministry made ‘a confirmed irrevocable commitment’ to pay $299,614,428 to Mr. Ashraf Sidahmed Al Cardinal for goods and services which will be supplied.
The first installment of $50 million was paid on August 1, 2018, to an account at Wells Fargo Bank, an American multinational financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.

A total of over $ 290 million meant will be transferred to an overseas account for ghost supply of goods and services indicating how money is being siphoned out of the country.

A letter paints a grim picture of corruption in the country.

Ashraf, a rich Sudanese with business connections to senior government officials in Juba.

In 2017, South Sudan was ranked the second most corrupt country in the world.