A Kenyan man has married his mathematics professor sweetheart after meeting in California sparking a frenzy of media outburst against the union.

A Kenyan man is in the news after he tied the knots with his white mathematics heartrob. Mr Ben Gitau, 33, and Mr Steve Damelin got married at Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US on Saturday afternoon.

Soon after the event, the two were seen at the Square’s gardens kissing and fondling in public as friends and family members cheered.

However, the recent development has sparked media outrage. A respected marriage and family counselor in Kenya immediately criticised the wedding. Pastor Philip Kitoto, of the International Christian Centre, Nairobi, said:“Culturally and biblically, marriage and sexual relations between people of the same sex is a sin.”

“The Bible is clear that God created us in his image; He created us male and female. Therefore, in the Book of Leviticus 18:22 He warns men: ‘Do not have sex relations with a man as one does with a woman’. God calls this an abomination.”

According to DailyNation, Mr Kararu Ririe, confirmed the story and tweeted shortly after attending the wedding:“This afternoon I had a chance to congratulate my friend, Ben and his husband, Steve on occasion of their marriage. It is a rare thing to see a Kenyan man so courageous! Congratulations.”

Mr Gitau is a Kenyan man who has lived in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to California where he met the man.