Sudanese-born American author and ex-mistress to former Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden says she had sex with rebel leader Riek Machar.

Kola Boof made this revelation on her Twitter on Tuesday. In her shocking revelations, Ms Boof says Riek Machar is a womanizer, traitor and a puppet of Sudanese government.

Sources close to the rebel leader told HIJ that Ms Boof met Dr Riek in Khartoum shortly after he fell out with Dr John Garang. They had a quickie in a bathroom during a function in the city.

She would then visit Dr Riek in the bush for wild bed games in the open. Though it’s not clear why she revealed her romantic past with Dr Riek now, she is known for openness.

Many people attribute this to her mental health situation.

“When I first accepted that I was an artist of some kind, I promised myself that I would never hide my insecurities…that it would become a part of my work…and because I had spent most of my childhood and early teen years in psychiatric care,” she said in a radio interview with Pacifica Radio in 2007.

She is so open. One of her books has naked photo of her as a front cover. Her titties stare with a ‘look-at-me-now attitude. She was a mistress to Osama in 90s in Sudan and Morocco. She currently lives in USA.

Kola has in the past claimed she was once a lover to Basketball star Luol Deng and singer Emmanuel Jal. She has also been romantically involved with a host of famous men including Mike Tyson, actor Gerard Butler, President of South Africa Jakob Zuma, and many others.

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