Last week saw an epic battle of royale going down between the two of the country’s most popular artists. Ustaz ta Dunia Silver X and WJ the King of Lokwilili went head to head in what was called the battle of champions by the organising company Skyline Promotions.

The concert was done for two consecutive days at Vegas and Mask Bar respectively. The fans were asked by the MCs of the event to vote for their favorite by screaming as hard as the could but as the show ends many who expected the winner of the night to announced were in for a rude shock. The event which ignited a back and forth social media beef between Silver and WJ ended with no clear winner.

HIJ sorted a comment from the founder and CEO of Skyline Promotions, Sweetheart Sambro but he declined to reveal the winner but instead said his company is going to make a press statement regarding the concert. The concert was the first of its kind in South Sudan. Similar converts have been done in Uganda.

So who you think won the battle of champions between Silver and WJ?