By Malok Awur Chep

General Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan and the Patron of all the sports in South Sudan, below is what is happening in one of the sports fraternities and I know with love for south Sudanese and this Nation, you will direct all the organs concerned to solve this problem before it gets worse.

Let the ministers concerned call the meeting and resolve these issues that are happening at South Sudan Basketball Federation.

We, South Sudanese only have two sources of happiness in this country and we/I don’t want anyone to mess with them. We have sports! Basketball, Volleyball, Football, and sports activities. These are the primary unifying factor among South Sudanese.

Another source of happiness in South Sudan is, “Revitalize Peace Agreement”, which remains as the only hope and source of happiness when it is implemented.

It is always a great concern to every citizen in this country to protect those two things that I have mentioned above.

Base on the interview of “Secretary-General” and “Secretary for Finance” recently by media, they covered a lot of issues happening at the federation that South Sudanese were not aware of.

Sports is one of the resourceful institutions as well as a great source of economic improvement and we can’t allow anyone to destroy our happiness unknowingly.

The Federation was organizing local leagues which were slated to happen within the month of October but it was abruptly canceled by the President of the federation, Luol Deng forcing the sponsors (the sponsor was Zain company) to withdraw sponsorship.

He was sabotaging the national league and opening his league – The league of Luol Deng Foundation (LDF).

Luol Deng Foundation tournament is ongoing now instead of SSBF Tournaments that was intended to bring South Sudanese basketball teams across 10 states plus 3 administrative areas to participate. Sports is one of the instrumental tools that bring people together and fosters peace among communities.

Mr. Luol controls everything at the Federation. He is the president, ‘Secretary General’ and ‘Secretary for Finance’ as well.

He further said that there is nothing that can be approved or done without his concerns and he approve funds withdrawal without knowledge of the finance secretary nor consulting the Secretary-General. According to the SSBF constitution, the three elected positions consulted each other and signed on the document of the association three of them. If one person does the work alone, that violation of the constitution.

To make matter worse, Mr. Luol Deng used the  South Sudan Basketball Federation as a way of getting funds and using it for the welfare of his “Foundation”.

On the same note! I’m calling upon citizens of South Sudan to question Luol and SSBF to solve their problem amicably. This is my opinion.

The recent media reports on social media made me add my voice and write this opinion as a concerned South Sudanese.

I learned that;

1. SSBF General-Assembly wrote a letter to the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Sport, requesting the SSBF President to come back to South Sudan to solve the crisis at SSBF, a request he has allegedly turned down.

2. SSBF Chairperson said that he met with the minister of youth culture and Sport. Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu, plus Members of Internal Security Bureau, Department of sports. And they agreed that Luol will come back within 10 days of this respect and the days had finished now and Luol didn’t come.

3. SSBF Secretary-General said that Mr. Luol violated the constitution intentionally and threatens the players, claiming that he will only do what he can so long, he is the one providing money for the federation. Where he took all the responsibilities and forget that our President, Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit is a patron of the Basketball Federation in South Sudan here.

4. He also violated the constitution by signing funds without the knowledge of SG and the finance secretary. Hence no accountability.

5. For two years, Luol failed to nominate an executive body to handle executive duties at the federation.

6. Lastly, no matter how talented you are in a certain organization, you don’t own it as a family entity. If Ajou is the head coach of the National team of Basketball, he is brother to Luol. What does it mean?

In conclusion, President, Luol had a great name in the sports fraternity and he can help South Sudan with his talent and the legacy he made on sports. But he developed ego by ignoring his workmates and overlooking his subordinates. I’m asking President Luol, SG Marier Anyuat, and Finance Secretary Deng Biar to solve their problems amicably and help our young South Sudanese who are blessed with height to realize the benefits of their height.


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