There was a drama Saturday night at Club Vegas at an event organised by Western Equatoria community to celebrate their sons’ success in the entertainment industry.

The event ended in drama after rapper One Pound and singer Mizaya Emmy protested the move to fundraise money to buy DJ Cent a car. The two musicians interrupted the speech of radio presenter Moro Lokombu who was asked to announce fundraise open.

According to our source, One Pound and Mizaya Emmy claimed that it was unfair to donate money for DJ Cent only. The two musicians insisted that they also deserved to be bought cars too by the community members.

A source explained to Hot in Juba below:

“Yesterday at Club Vegas Juba, there was a celebration of former Western Equatoria State artists who won awards in music and comedy last year, from DJ Cent, Mizaya Emmy, Feel Free and One Pound, there were performances from several other artists including Emmy J. Yoere

As planned, the programs wen went on well until Emmy J performed with a big crowd who was the second last artist to perform according to the program.

When time came for DJ CENT to perform, Isaac Moro Lokombo of Miraya FM was given a chance to make a speech and welcome DJ Cent.

During the speech, first of all, it was noticed that the club DJ had left for home and no one was there to play music anymore. This created already some commotion as people started to murmur, and of course Moro Lokombo wanted to perform [sic] something.

Moro now kept the crowd engaged and from there brought the point of fundraising to buy a car for Dj Cent since he is doing well in music industry and has won several awards last year and had the song of the year “Num Bet Mara” on Miraya’s top 20 countdown.

He called a total of 7 individuals on the stage and fundraising started in effort to raise money for buying a car for DJ Cent, each was to contribute $1,000, while the individuals were pledging the day the money should be collected including him Moro Lokombo.

From nowhere Mizaya Emmy and One Pound came to the stage and forcefully grabbed the mic from Moro Lokombo. The audience were left flabbergasted. They said that they also won awards in 2018 and the agreement was that if money is to be raised it has to be shared equally, of which some people said yes, Mizaya is right and some others said that it’s not the right way of doing things, he being disrespectful perhaps Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba had sent her contribution to DJ Cent also which were to be announced after his performance which never happened. Moro Lokombo called off everything and cancelled the fundraising as he said Mizaya Emmy disrespected him therefore they will have to work hard to help themselves

Although DJ Cent performed, the audience and even he himself had no much morale booster.”