A deadly fight broke out at Juba’s popular club called Dehavana last night. The brawl was ignited by a lady and gentleman who argued. It’s not clear what the two argued about but our blogger who was at the club which hosts “Hangover Night” every Sunday says he saw a girl breaking the bottle and stabbed a man with it.

According to HIJ blogger, everyone turned violent instantly in the confusion. Bottles were broken and used as weapons to stab people.

Our blogger could see two people on the floor bleeding profusely. The situation is said to have worsen when most people rushed out of the club using one exit which nearly caused a stampede.

Cars parked outside the club were vandalized by the two fighting groups. Stones were hauled into the club from outside forcing our terrified blogger and others to take cover under the tables.

Police and other security forces later arrived at the scene and started violently beating and arresting everyone they found including the tea and shisha vendors who are always camping outside the club waiting for customers.

According to our sources one person succumbed to injuries after being stabbed on the neck with broken bottle of beer, HIJ couldn’t confirm this claim.