South Sudanese award-winning musician has penned down a beautiful poem for his wife Susan Diiku better known as “Mama Africa” during his wedding held in Kampala, Uganda.

Here is the full poem:

From the first time I set my eye on you about four years ago I knew and believed that one day we would walk down the aisle.

Just you & and I in a permanent promise to live together regardless of anything the earth would bring in the course of our walk to love and greatness.

From the deepest part of my heart, I promise to always love you, protect you, defend you, Care for you, cherish you, understand you, trust you and above all believe in you as my only matrimonial wife.

Susan I love you coz you Define my world and I can never thank God for more than you.

once again thank you for accepting to love and marry me unconditionally.

May the most high that brought us together keep us together forever as one soul.

#SaagaloveForLife #HLMEKingAndQueen