A Kenyan man is currently suffering trauma after reportedly discovering that his wife bewitched him with a ‘locked penis’ charm over cheating claims.

Victor Wekesa who lives with his family in the Kanduyi, Bungoma county area of the country, claims his wife bewitched him with juju as punishment following his several sex escapades with other women.

As a result, he can no longer get an erection with any other woman, except his wife. When with the 36-year-old is with his wife, he performs perfectly well.

According to Tuko, Wekesa’s wife reportedly left him due to his philandering behaviour and only visits once in a while, during which the two enjoy great sex.

“I miss that woman so much because no other one satisfies me like her. Whenever she visits, I always feel like I am in heaven, we spend the better part of a day in bed and only step out to eat, drink or stretch,” he narrated.

His explanation for this oddity is only ‘witchcraft‘, and he is now seeking a more powerful witch doctor for help.

His efforts to settle down with any other woman has proved futile due to his failing manhood and talks to make his wife unlock him have also failed.

He is now seeking help, warning area residents that witchcraft is real.

via iReport