The oldest South Sudanese owned website is finally throwing in a towel after 18 years of existence. The website based in Canada is run anonymously. In November 2020, was ranked 10th most visited website in South Sudan.

Its WhoIs records show it was first registered in March 2003 and has continued to publish news and opinion articles on South Sudan for years. According to the editor, the website’s mission was to fight for free speech and press freedom. In 2013 when war broke out in South Sudan, the website leaned on the opposition’s side. It published 100s of cartoons mocking President Salva Kiir.

Many government’s supporter have always castigated the website for being bias and accused the website’s editor – who is yet to be known – of being opposition’s sympathizer.

In a statement, the website’s editor announced the closure slated for 25th March 2021 which is the expiry date of the website’s domain registration.

The statement is below:

Important Information:


It’s with my deepest and sincerest regret to announce to all the dedicated and general viewers and active contributors and participants to this only and most famous South Sudanese owned and managed website launched on 25/March/2003, that it will close down by March/25/2021.

I personally and professionally wish to thank all the devoted and nationalist South Sudanese and others who became active participants, supporters and sponsors over the nearly two decades of the SSN website’s existence.

The “Struggle still Continues” as the baton is passed over to the next generation in the struggle for a better and equitable evolution of our dear nation for which ALL CITIZENS FROM ALL THE VILLAGES ACROSS THE SOUTH SUDAN NATION and from EACH and ALL THE TRIBES actively participated and heroically sacrificed their dear lives for this Great Nation. ALLUTA CONTINUA….