The South Sudan Older People’s Organization is demanding representation of the elderly in the transitional parliament, citing that their issues are not being addressed.

According to the Transitional Constitution, the elderly and persons with special needs shall have the right to the respect of their dignity.

They shall be provided with the necessary care and medical services as shall be regulated by law.

A 77-year-old Marcelina Denya – who works for the organization – said despite these provisions, little is being done by the concerned institutions.

Marcelina said there are many old people in the parliament but they are not raising these issues:

“Are they talking anything about older people? Are they talking anything about the problems older people are facing?”

“No, they are talking about the government; they are talking about some other issues and they get their money and they put it into their pockets.”

Last year, a report by the Human Rights Watch indicated that people with disabilities and older people face greater risks of being caught in fighting and challenges in getting necessary humanitarian assistance in South Sudan.

It added that humanitarian aid workers often overlooked the needs of these two groups.

According to the 2013 National Bureau of Statistics matrix, the older persons constitute 4% of the population, which equates to 320,000 people.

via Eye Radio