Nyibol Grace has won the Best Female Artist award in the just concluded South Theatre Music Awards in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is despite the fact that most of the comments under the category where in favor of two other female artists.

Nyibol won more than 50% of fans vote online. Some fans voted via SMS in Kenya.

The STA AWARDS put her in the same category with other female artists like Neetah Baby, Mary Boyoi, Rebekka Trey and Trisha C.

By close of online voting on November 30th, Nyibol was leading with 60.1%. Neetah Baby followed with 21.8%, Trisha Cee with 14.3%, Mary Boyoi with 2.2% and Rebecca Trey tailing with just 1.5%.

However, a close look at the comments below the voting tab in the category, shows the conversation among fans was mostly centered around Neetah Baby or Trisha C winning.

It’s not clear whether the fans forgot to actually click on the vote button and instead decided to just comment.

So far, no one has publicly challenged Nyibol Grace outright win.