An angry woman in Iowa, USA claims her husband and a father of four children had left her for another woman has decided to go on FB to expose her estrange husband.

Saadai Madok, a mother of 4 kids alleges that her husband left her for a singer and a daughter to the late veteran singer Nyankol Mathiang, Sandy Nyan Nyankol.

“Thank God I found out the truth that my kid’s father has been cheating on me with Sandy Nyan Nyankol. He went all the way to Canada to enjoy his time with Sandy. James Ater and Sandy  have fun with your new relationship”, she posted on social media.

She alleges her babies’ daddy,  Ater started being abusive when she suspected him of cheating, a claim which didn’t go down well with the husband.

Sandy alleges that she was right to be with Ater since he is tired  of Saadai’s cheating spree, claims Saadai denies.

“when you cheat on a man that pays your bills and takes care of your children,  That’s an abomination. And when you manipulate your way out of your bs by crying and begging that’s just pathetic and when you take advantage of a good kind heart that is just wicked. Another woman’s trash can be another woman’s treasure and this my new treasure.  Thank you Saadia Madok ; you and your sympathizers deal with it.!!” she posted on social media.

It’s alleged that Sandy who resides in Canada is a mother of 6 children and the babies’ father stays in Cairo, Egypt.

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