Nuer girl badly beaten by brother for dating Dinka boy in Kampala (See her photo)

Young South Sudanese girl from Nuer has shared her photo badly caned at the back allegedly by her brother for dating a Dinka boy named Malual.

The young girl named Hellen James who lives in Kampala, Uganda vowed to never leave the boy even if she was to be killed.

According to the comments under the photo which has triggered hundreds of comments on Facebook, the young girl who appears to be a teenager said, her own brother wasn’t happy because her boyfriend was Dinka.

“If you beat me that I will leave Malual ma dear I can’t leave him, you better kill me because I wouldn’t leave him,” she said in a Facebook post attached to her photo.

In the photo, it shows she was repeatedly whipped at the back. The back show injuries inflicted by a whip. It’s not clear if the matter has been reported to police.

We have contacted the girl but no response so far.

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