George Ghines, a Greek businessman who owns the Notos chain of restaurants has come on the spotlight after allegations of him abusing and sexually exploiting his female employees went viral, causing a stir on social media.

This came after an academician Jok Madut Jok posted on his Facebook page about the businessman’s moves of concern. Mr. Jok’s post seemed to catch the eye of many which stirred mixed reactions on social media. This led to quite a number of Facebook users to share their experience with Mr. George Ghines under the comment section. He accused him of abuse and mistreatment his employees at Notos, adding that himself was once a witness.

“…. I have seen him abuse his employees in front of his clients but always thought these were isolated incidents…”

When reached for a comment about the matter, Mr. Ghines on the defensive side turned down the allegations terming them as blackmail and a business rivalry strategy. “…this was blackmail from Jok. Legal action has been initiated as this is targeting my business. Any reproduction if the story will be considered an accomplice…”

“When someone blackmails you, you should never fall into the trap of paying or make favors. I did not. Brother Jok Madut Jok decided to go a step lower…What brother Jok does not know, is that our biggest asset is our employees…” One lady added to the allegations, “George does also have a sexist side when he doesn’t receive positive feedback online. Had to block him back in 2015” However, some sided with Mr. Ghines terming the allegations as pure blackmail and a business rivalry strategy. “In all my years working for an irreputable chain of companies under Gorge Ghines I have never witnessed any sort of disrespect or biasness. I believe these are falsified information to tarnish the entrepreneur.”, said another. It is still however unclear whether the allegations are true since both parties have their own version of the allegations