Residents in Mauna suffered a sleepless night after three well-armed suspected thieves opened fire in a frenzied run with the police. The incident happened at around 2: 20 a.m. One suspected thief surrendered to the police and is now under investigation at Munuki Police Station, another escaped and the third died in the gun fight. The dead suspect was identified by police as Simon. According to sources, Simon, a South Sudanese and Kuku by tribe was a notorious bandit who investigated areas to steal from during the day and attacked in the night.
The armed group came under fire when they were intercepted by a police patrol unit. In their possession was a 180 Kg metallic block used for breaking doors. A resident who talked to The Daily Vision newspaper at the site of the incident and wished to remain anonymous said that the three suspected thieves first came to the area during the day.
According to the resident, later that night when they attempted to rob a home, the police spotted them. When the suspected thieves began opening fire on the police officers, this resulted in the police returning fire. Simon was first shot in the leg and resistance from the group forced police officers to act. Simon died when a second bullet hit him on the back.

via The Daily Vision Newspaper