In 2019 South Sudan witnessed various awards ranging from the entertainment industry to the beauty sector. These awards were given to South Sudanese doing extraordinary things in the country but in 2020, things are lil’ bit different.

HiJ has learned that there is a new award underway. The award dubbed The Spoilers of Peace Awards is asking the public to nominate spoilers of peace in South Sudan.

According to the award organizers, the purpose of the Spoilers of Peace Awards is to expose people, organizations, businesses, and governments who have used their clout to frustrate the implementation of South Sudan’s peace deal. The awards will shine a light on those who have been the worst for South Sudan.

“Award winners won’t be praised for being the worst. They’ll be exposed for all the actions they’ve done to kill and harm civilians, wage war, profit from war, and frustrate the peace process. And they’ll be exposed to potential political and economic repercussions from governments who have the capability to sanction them: to ban their ability to travel and purchase property, withdraw money from their bank accounts, and make it much harder for them to use their corrupt networks to profit from suffering in any way.
No one wants to be ‘awarded.’ If you are, that means you’ve committed or otherwise been behind some of the worst acts and atrocities committed against ordinary South Sudanese. And you’ll be one step closer to being held accountable for spoiling the peace,” a statement from its website reads.

The award categories up for nomination are:
1.Top Overall Spoiler of the Peace.
2. Top Spoiler of Human Rights and for the Perpetration of Civilian Atrocities.
3.Top Overall Spoiler of the Peace in a Supporting Role.
4. Top Spoiler for Perpetuating Economic Corruption and Illicit Financial Flows.
5. Top Spoiler of Local Civil Society
6. Top Spoiler for Causing Humanitarian Suffering.
7. Top Spoiler for Enabling Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.
8.Top Spoiler of Accountability and Justice
9.Top Business Spoiler of the Peace.
10.Top Spoiler of Accountability and Justice
11. Top Spoiler for Illegal Weapons Acquisition.
12. Top Spoiler of the Environment

An eminent Pan-African panel of judges will review all nominations and choose the winners for each category. The judges’ identities will be publicized in early January 2020. They will announce the winners on February 10, 2020.

The organizers encourage the public to nominate the worst peace spoilers in South Sudan via this link: