Until May 09 this year, Gen Malong Awan was one of the most powerful South Sudanese military personals. Paul Malong who is a liberator and the SPLA war veteran served many positions including being Governor and security senior official before he was made the chief of General Staff in 2014 and sacked in 2017. A close to president Kiir, he joined again after the war broke out in Juba in 2013 and he was credited by many to have saved the regime from the opposition forces. In May, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir surprised people with the sacking of Malong. Immediately after sacking, Malong left Juba enrooting to his home village via Yirol. He was convinced to return to Juba because he was reported to have left Juba with Government vehicles, and ammunitions. On 10 of Sept, we many to interview General Paul Malong for the second time. This time not about the death of his daughter but an exclusive interview with how he was running the military and his role during the war and the political crisis. In this interview, AMlong described the situation in Juba like this. Here in Juba, if you order your food in the restaurant and then go to wash your hands, you will come back to find someone is already eating that food. Why will I really involve myself again in such chaos and South Sudan that look like this? None of my ancestors were cursed and I would rather follow their footstep than to put myself as part of the problem.”