Reports coming from telecommunication giant Vivacell indicates that there will be no more season 5 for the just concluded South Sudan’s only reality TV show Talent Search  due to what the sponsors called being duped by the event organisers,South Sudan Artist Association (SSAA).

“We paid for the project to be broadcasted but nothing was broadcasted on SSTV at the end,” says a senior source at the Vivacell who prefers to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile sources within SSAA association are said to have blamed one of their own by the names of Triple X aka Bol Sultan to have been behind all the mess in the downfall of the event. he is accused of
mismanaging the finance to get cheap popularity.

“Triple X is associated with failures in all what he is involved,SOSA Music Awards, Miss Malaika to mention just a few,” said the source.

”I’m was not aware of Vivacell decision to stop sponsoring the show and if they pulls out for what ever reason then its fine since we can always get new sponsors to sponsor the show and its naive for Vivacell to think that they cant stop Talent Search, the show is not owned by Vivacell they are only sponsors”, Triple X told HIJ.