We live in a society where money is involved almost in all our daily activities. And the current economic meltdown in the country is not helping.

South Sudanese singer Zahara Angelo popularly known to many as the “First Lady” Queen Zee has come out to say that people also need to put money into love. S

Speaking yesterday on social media stream, Queen Zee said that with the current economic crisis that has hit the country, there will be no love with no money. She backtracked on her old song that talks about love with no monetary attachment.

“…But these days things are tough, I also need money these days. I don’t want this love song( referring to her old song)….we are tired of love without money, “

Over the years, Queen Zee has had some rocky relationships with various men ranging from fellow musicians, men in organized forces, and some ballers in town.

She is currently, working on her new album and planning a nation-wide tour.

Queen Zee, emerged as South Sudan’s most popular female singer in the early post-independence period. In 2012, her hit single ‘Galbi GiWaja’ featuring MJ earned her the accolade for Best Female Artist at the first-ever South Sudanese Music Awards