There will be no national celebration marking of the 8th Independence Day, due to the economic situation facing the country, the minister of information has announced.

Independence Day, which is annually held on July 9, celebrates South Sudan independence from the Sudanese rule on that date in 2011.

This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity.

However, after the outbreak of the conflict in December 2013, the government observed the big day once – in 2014.

Speaking to Eye Radio Monday, Michael Makuei said there will be celebrations but at low level, and President Salva Kiir will deliver a televised speech from J1.

“There will be no celebration at the national level, but there will be a low profile celebration at the Presidency, because we don’t want to lose money for doing celebration as we used to do,” stressed.

“The President will deliver his Independence Day message to the people during this small celebration.”

However, South Sudan – according to the ministry of petroleum – pumps 175,000 barrels per day….and a barrel costs about $70 at the international market.