Police in Torit have arrested nine people for allegedly breaking into a shop at a market in Torit town over the weekend.

Major Justin Kelopus, the inspector for the state central police, said the suspects were caught after some of them were found with the stolen items.

These include cash amount of over 25,000 SSP, mattresses and maize flour.

“Yesterday [Sunday], a report came to us, citing a shop for a business person was broken into at Suk Omoliha,” Major Kelopus said.

They were traced by the Criminal Investigation Department.

“After sending the CID they indeed brought to us those suspects in two hours after investigation.”

Major Kelopus revealed that three of the suspects had earlier served jail terms for committing similar offense.

“They convinced the rest to join them to carry on with the theft.”

One of the suspects admitted to breaking into the shop, saying he did it under the influence of alcohol.

“We went with my friends and broke a shop of someone in the market… it was due to the influence of alcohol. Yesterday [Sunday] night we took a lot of drinks.”