Police says a woman was kidnapped and days later on released after the husband paid a ransom for her release in Nimule. According to the Spokesperson of the South Sudan Police Brigadier Daniel Justin Achor. The incident happened on Saturday when the unmade woman went to the shop to buy something but on her way she was taken by the kidnappers who later demanded her husband’s telephone number and called him for ransom for her release.

Brig. Justin said the Kidnappers used a Ugandan telephone line which they called the husband of the kidnapped woman demanding a ransom in which the husband paid the ransom via mobile money that eventually led to the release of his wife.

The police said the kidnappers left the woman by the side of the road after her husband sent the ransom that they demanded. He said the kidnappers had glued her eyes and mouth with superglue. The victim was physically very weak and has taken to the hospital.

He said the police have started the investigation into the incident and are coordinating with the Interpol since the number that was used is a Ugandan line. He said the Interpol are tracing the criminals through the telephone which the money was transferred to by the husband of the woman.

“We have started the investigation and as of now no suspects have been arrested yet because we got the telephone number that the money was transferred to by mobile money is a Uganda number and so we have reported to the Interpol and so there is work going on,” he said.

Brig. Justin also noted crimes involving kidnapping for ransom in South Sudan has never happened and this is the first of its kind though there are cases of child abductions in other areas of the country but doesn’t involve ransom.

“Cases of such are rare in which this is the first time ever such cases have ever been reported. Yes there are cases of child abduction but they have never happened in Nimule, it is usually in the areas of Bor, Boma” he explained.

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