The Director for Finance and Accounts at South Sudan’s National Oil Company, the Nile Petroleum Corporation, Majok Noon, has been accused of funds embezzlement and corrupt dealings at the institution.

He was one time reported boasting of how he bribed elders from Awan Chan Community with millions of dollars and therefore couldn’t get fired no matter what he does at Nilepet.

He is also believed to have authorized his cashier to put money in two hotels; Royal Palace and Crown Hotel where he stays instead of safe so that in case the Managing Director is relieved, they go and distribute the money among themselves.

Majok Noon allegedly asks 10 percent from suppliers for quick payment from the Nile Petroleum Corporation.

According to a whistleblower in the Nilepet who asked not to be named, the Finance Director has been involved in numerous corruption scandals in the tone of millions of dollars since he came into office.

He’s said to secretly approves payments without the knowledge of the top management of the Nilepet without accountability.

We reached out to him for comments on the allegations but our calls have gone unanswered.