NilePet Managing Director, Bol Ring who has been a centre of numerous corruption allegations and two top Juba businessmen travelled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates this week for millions dollar deal. The deal was sealed by Director of Accounts and Finance Majok Noon who was authorised to release the money in cash.

According to Hot in Juba snoops, NilePet’s Managing Director had lent businessmen three million United States Dollars from the accounts of the state-owned Nile Petroleum Corporation at an interest rate of 100%. We couldn’t immediately establish the overall terms of the loan.

“This week, they went to Dubai to receive their interest and divide by themselves. They took this money without the knowledge of the board,” a snoop told Hot in Juba

Since coming to office in September 2020, the Nile Petroleum Corporation under Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel as the new Managing Director has been in the limelight clouded with scandalous series of corruption.

Two weeks ago, there was a public outcry because the NilePet corporation board members left Juba for a board meeting at a Nairobi Hotel.

In February this year, a group calling itself the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum wrote an open letter to President Kiir highlighting corrupt practices at the National Oil Company, NilePet including Nepotism, Financial Corruption, and slow construction of Nilepet’s Headquarters premises.

Similarly, in August this year, Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet) cashier Ring Charles was accused of squandering Nilepet staff’s allowances for several months. The embattled Nilepet cashier was reported to siphon $10,000 every month from the corporation on the pretext that it is meant for house rent of the Managing Director. Besides the staff salary deductions and Managing Director’s rent diversion, the latest investigations disclosed that the embattled senior cashier has pocketed money set for staff dressing allowances.

Ring is accused of also lending employees salaries on interest to businessmen in Juba town. According to an insider, Ring Charles who likes being praised in songs paid a group of local musicians to have songs composed about him.